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Providing Farmers with Options...

Huffman Farms is a 4th generation family farm based out of Central Texas. We farm outside of McGregor, TX. Besides farming we also do Custom Forage Harvesting, Custom Harvesting, Custom Hay Baling, and we also bag deer corn.

Who is huffman farms?


Our Vision Statement

Huffman Farm's vision is to operate a sustainable family-based agribusiness while providing various harvesting services to hard working customers, so they may provide food for a sustainable future.

Our Mission Statement

Huffman Farms is a company devoted to helping other farmers/ranchers/dairies with their harvesting needs at competitive prices. Our equipment comes equipped with the latest technology, so we can harvest the crops as efficiently as possible. We can also provide the farmer/rancher/dairyman with field and feed analysis from every field, so they can make the most informed decisions as possible. We treat every employee and customer like they are part of the family.

Our Core Values

Huffman Farms keeps it simple...Treat others how you want  to be treated!  Integrity, Excellence, Honesty, and Self Improvement are qualities we hold everyone accountable for.

Our Adaptabilty

Huffman Farms is always looking for ways to improve the business, even if it goes against the norm.  We are open to new ideas from our customers.  We would love the opportunity to work together.

Farming is at the core of who we are...

Huffman Farms started out as a small family-farm. Some of our farmland has been in the family for 125 years. We are farmers at the core and we understand the perspective from both the farmer and the custom harvester.


Custom Forage Harvesting

Custom Forage Harvesting in Texas.
Huffman Farms.

In 1999, We found our niche with cutting our crops as silage and marketing them to local dairies. We started out having our silage custom harvested. In, 2009, We purchased a forage harvester and put together a harvesting crew.


Custom Forage in Texas. Swathing. Huffman Farms.

In 2012, We purchased a MacDon swather complete with a disc head and merger. We can easily harvest 16/32/48 foot wind rows. We also have a draper head that can easily accommodate 30/60 foot wind rows. This enables us to harvest smaller crops more efficiently.



We offer Bagging and Packing services as well. We have a Versa Bagger and a John Deere 9520R with a 14 foot Grouser Blade to do the packing if you have a pit or pile.

Custom Harvesting

Custom Harvesting

We also have a S670 combine for custom harvesting of your wheat, milo, or corn.

Custom Hay Baling


We can also accommodate your hay baling needs. We can even do the cutting and raking as well.

Deer Corn

Central Texas
Huffman Farms
Custom Forage Harvesting
Deer Corn in Texas
Deer Corn for sale in Texas

In 2014 we started buying corn from local farmers and bagging it for deer corn. We sell the bag deer corn to local feed stores in the Central Texas area. We do take bulk orders and can deliver or you can come by and pick it up.

Pricing for Custom Forage Harvesting


Forage Harvesting - Alfalfa, Grass, Oats, Wheat, & Sorghum Pickup work with Hay Header

10+ Tons/acre                                                                                                      $/T + Fuel Slide

5-10 Tons/acre                                                                                                     $/T + Fuel Slide

5 Tons & Under                                                                                               $/acre + Fuel Slide

*Trucks have min. of 19T load & 12T load on bobtail

Forage Harvesting - Corn, Milo, & Sorghum Direct cutting with 770 Rotary Header

15+ Tons/acre                                                                                                       $/T + Fuel Slide

10-15 Tons/acre                                                                                                     $T/+ Fuel Slide

10 Tons & under                                                                                              $/acre + Fuel Slide

*includes processing

**trucks have min. of 22T load & 15T load on bobtail

Inoculant Additives

Our Product                                                                                                            $/Ton applied

Your Product                                                                                                           $/Ton applied

Swathing Additional Service

10+ Tons/acre                                                                                                                     $/acre

5-10 Tons/acre                                                                                                                    $/acre

5 Tons & Under                                                                                                                   $/acre

Hauling Transporting your commodity

For hauling, we use a base price per ton per mile. To offset fuel charges we use a fuel slide table to calculate the final fee.

Alfalfa, Grass, Oats, Wheat, & Sorghum                                          $ per/ton/mile + Fuel Slide

Corn, Milo, Sorghum                                                                          $ per/ton/mile + Fuel Slide

Packing and Bagging

Packing $ per/ton (1500 ton minimum)

Bagging $ per/ton (1000 ton minimum)

*Depending on the nature of the job, we might use other contractors to do swathing, packing, bagging, hauling, and possibly raking, and you would be informed of their prices.

**All these prices are based on crops with ideal moisture of 66 to 72 percent moisture. In cases where the crop is severely dry or wet, adjustments on prices would be considered and discussed.

***Our chopper is equipped with harvest lab which collects active data and provides a field summary on moisture, acres, tons etc...

Pricing for Combining, Hay Baling, & Deer Corn

Custom Harvesting


Wheat, Corn, & Milo                          $/acre

Hauling                             cents/per bushel

Custom Hay Baling


Complete Haying Job                       $/Bale

Hay Baling Only                                $/Bale

Cutting Only                                       $/acre

Raking Only                                       $/acre

Deer Corn


Bagged Deer Corn                           $/Pallet

Bulk Deer Corn                     $/lbs. or $/Ton

Cracked Corn                       $/lbs. or $/Ton

Links & Additional Information

Files coming soon.

Position Available

Job Title: Equipment Operator Location: McGregor, TX Status: Full-Time Salary: $27,976/year

Job Description:

We need a permanent employee to complete tasks such as truck driving; driving a tractor (primarily John Deere Equipment); must be able to complete truck and tractor maintenance and repairs. Will be required to use various types of farm equipment such as a forage harvester, swather, planter and combine. Forage duties will include mowing, raking and baling hay. Plant and harvest wheat and corn. Will also need to do cleaning, bagging of corn and stacking of corn bags for sale. Transport commodity from field to market and storage bins. Must have a firm understanding of pesticide and fertilizer application procedures and safety guidelines. Keep accurate records of tasks performed. Will need to have welding experience. Require 9 months experience operating equipment with technology applications such as Precision Ag-Variable Rate Technology, GPS Technology, AgVerdict and My John Deere Technology. Texas CDL driver's license with a clean driving record is required for this position.

Please contact Kevin Huffman, Owner at (254) 749-1099 if interested in the position.


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